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Welcome to Studio FREDFELLA in Järna Sweden. The studio is fully equipped with both analogue and digital equipment, it is suitable for smaller bands, singer-songwriters, producers, bloggers, podcasts, commercials, voiceover and so on. If you want a specific video or a photo session FREDFELLA works with this too. Video editing, Videographer, in and out of studio photographer. He is a very versatile multi-artist that can help orientate the music space, social media, and what to do and how to take the next step in your music career. 


The Space where the studio is located is called Tonfabriken and its a pretty big space with kitchen and relaxing areas, shower rooms, toilets, whatever you might need to go full-on studio foxy is basically on the spot. If you need food there is a lot of different restaurants, cafes, and places to buy groceries not far away. Car or bike is a good idea but walking can also be pleasant after a long day with studio hours.

The studio has a photo and video section for direct and live promotional videos while recording a live session for example. Lighting, high-end cameras, smoke machine, greenscreen, black screen, white screen, your fantasy sets the limits. The Studio can be rented with or without the help of FREDFELLA. He's not only a recording and performing artist he's a great music producer and visionary who knows how to push the limits and recreate and create new and outstanding music for the masses and the smaller more niched audiences.

The Studio is Located at Tuna Industriväg 35, in Järna Sweden

- Artist Collaborations And Recordings at Studio FREDFELLA -



Joakim Ehn

Galactic Giant


Aude Ray


Any special suggestions, collaborations or tailor-made packages for your needs can be created, we can solve almost anything. 

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